Torta sette vasetti

I wanted to share with you all a traditional Italian cake recipe. No measuring cups or teaspoons are required and it is quite normal that the Italians don’t  use an electrical mixer and everything is ”un po” and ”quanto basta”

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Castagnole al cioccolato 

Now, that the Carnevale has officially started in Venice today, I decided to share with you all a recipe for Castagnole al Ciccolato.

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Here is one of the largest bonfires in the Province of Treviso in a small village called Arcarde. 


My friend Kelly and fellow expat who also lives in Treviso pretty much summed up what tonights festivities throughout Italy consists of..

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An Italian tradition

In Italy, children receive a wrapped chocolate egg with a surprise in the middle. Their chocolate egg is the equivalent to our American Easter basket.

Being that it was Luca’a first Easter and in Italy, we wanted to give him an egg and let him have fun with it. It’s important to us that he learns not only the American tradition but also the Italian.

I personally love the idea of the American Easter Basket more.. Luca’s grandmother sent him an Easter basket full of goodies such as books, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, Lion King DVD, Baby clothes all bought with love. It just seems buying a chocolate egg isn’t so much thoughtful or not a lot of love goes into it.. Only my opinion of it.

Check out my friends blog about Easter Eggs in Italy.





IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1727 IMG_1732


I bought this Chocolate Egg at a lovely bakery a couple minutes walking distance from our home.. It was beautifully decorated and not to mention delicious..

He loved the egg!!


What are your family traditions? Please tell me all about them in the comment section below. 🙂