Alla scoperta di Castlefranco Veneto: passeggiata nella nebbia

Discovering Castlefranco Veneto :

Castlefranco Veneto known to the locals as simply ‘Casteo’ in their local dialect is a quaint city surrounded by a medieval castle and walls that were built by the people of Treviso in 1211.

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Sunday Morning Blooms in Soave…

All photos are taken by Inspired in Italy 2015..

Happy Sunday friends/ Buona Domenica a tutti 🙂

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Just a few of my favorite things… in Italy.

Coming up on my four year anniversary of living abroad in Italy, I decided to share with you guys some of my favorite things in which I adore in ITALY.

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Asolo ~ The Pearl of Veneto

For the longest time I have been wanting to go and explore Asolo. So many people have told me it’s one of the most charming cities in the Province of Treviso..

Asolo is known as “The pearl of Treviso” and I must admit that after spending the morning exploring this quaint town, I too agree.

Here are some photos of my adventure in Asolo.

I think exploring towns is best in the low season.. We went in the Winter and there was barely anyone around.. We had Asolo all to ourselves. And the weather couldn’t have been any better.

Gorgeous day!



Smallest intersection lights that I have ever seen.. How could I not take a photo of them?


Old mailbox that is still used today.. Some things never change.



IMG_4087  IMG_4110 IMG_4119 IMG_4132 IMG_4133

Have you ever been to Asolo? What is your favorite memory about exploring this charming hillside town?


Tis the season

First mushrooms of the season


What’s your favorite dish to make with mushrooms?

I love polenta with funghi or Risotto with funghi.

Funghi of course is mushroom in Italian!

Tutta mia la città





Lovely stroll in Treviso earlier.


Recipe of the week

Hi everyone.

I’m doing a new series on my blog. Still working on the name as it will be more than just a recipe of the week.

I’ve met many amazing local food artisans in Veneto Region and I’ll be interviewing them and getting their personal recipes for you and I to be able to make at home.

From housewives, to Chefs to bakers ect.. All have one thing in common – they love what they do. Passion!

Here’s what will be debuting first


Ever wanted to have an Italian breakfast in the comfort of your own home? Here’s your chance to learn from one of the best bakers in Treviso who has over 40 years experience.

Stay tuned for the recipe as well as the step by step photos of the process!!

If there is a certain dish that you’d like to learn, please let me know by leaving a comment.