Mura di Treviso

Walking along the “Mura” is one of my favorite things to do in Treviso.

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Here is one of the largest bonfires in the Province of Treviso in a small village called Arcarde. 


My friend Kelly and fellow expat who also lives in Treviso pretty much summed up what tonights festivities throughout Italy consists of..

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Buon Anno/Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year friends ! ! ! ! ! !

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Tutta mia la città





Lovely stroll in Treviso earlier.


Osteria alla Caneva

We had an amazing lunch at Osteria alla Caneva Sunday afternoon.

Most places, you usually need a reservation for a Sunday afternoon. We didn’t have one. We stumbled across this old, rustic osteria which is a little outside of the heart of Bassano.

First impression – hmm ok, but it’s rather small. I was worried how I was going to fit my Inglesina stroller, diaper bag and mini poodle all inside comfortably. Everything worked out and the owner was incredibly nice. He gave Harley ( mini poodle) a bowl of water. That’s a HUGE point in my book!

How many places in America allow dogs in the restaurant? Let alone give them a bowl of water? None, right?

Osteria alla Caneva serves typical Venetian dishes which I adore!!

Hint – there are no menus. The waiter simply tells you what the Chef offers for the day. So knowing a little Italian helps but if not I’m sure they speak English. Can’t order anything wrong at this place anyhow. The food is simply amazing!


I had fresh fettuccine with tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala and basil. Perfect dish for a hot summer day.

For dessert I had torta di ananas(pineapple).


To finish off my meal, I unlike most Italians had a latte macchiato after. Haha! I laugh when telling you because it’s rather unusual to order such a drink after a lunch.

If you are in Bassano del Grappa, you should definitely stop by for lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed.

Osteria alla caneva is located at
Via Giacomo Matteotti 34
Bassano del Grappa


Breakfast in Italy


Good morning everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I went to some of my favorite cities in Veneto but more on that later.

For now let’s talk about Breakfast in Italy.

Breakfast in Italy usually consists of a brioche (croissant) and an espresso. There are an assortment of brioche. Brioche filled with chocolate, Nutella, apricot jam, cream, apple and plain with nothing inside (vuota).

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of having a shot of espresso as you can have any drink imaginable, café lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, macchiatone, ect.. Sometimes, if you’re lucky the barista will draw a design in your drink of choice.

After all the best coffee is in Italy.

Lastly, it’s quite normal to have our breakfast in a bar standing up ( no such thing as personal bubble in Italy) amongst others or if you’re not in a hurry sitting down also but it’s more common standing up.

So, what would you order for breakfast in Italy?

I always take a latte macchiato deca with a brioche with either cream or vuota. Depends on my mood, I guess. Haha!


Is there anything better?


How would you caption this photo?

Dreaming of being back in Caorle on this grey morning..


Granita ITALIA


Nothing more refreshing than granita on a warm summer day!!

You can chose from menta (mint) sorbetto limone (lemon) or anguria (watermelon)

Love the colors of Italy!


Wine tasting in Valdobbiadene

One of the perks about living in Treviso is that the home of Prosecco aka Valdobbiadene is only a quick 30 minute trip by car from my home.

We decided to go back to our favorite agriturismo Le Mesine for a Sunday lunch surrounded by vineyards.


After a delicious and filling lunch, we decided to go wine tasting in the hills of Prosecco! Most wineries in Valdobbiadene are free of charge. But remember to always check ahead of time. Goes as so, if you like the wine, you buy a bottle. Simple as that!

I mean is there simply anything better than sipping on a refreshing glass of Italian sparkling white vino while looking over this panorama?