Mura di Treviso

Walking along the “Mura” is one of my favorite things to do in Treviso.

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Lago Di Revine 

There are so many great places to see while in Veneto Region. Options are endless. There is definitely something for everyone..

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Discovering the Ancient town of Belluno

I love being spontaneous and not deciding on which city in Northern Italy to explore. We just got in our Jeep and headed towards Valdobbiadene. After visiting one of our favorite wineries, Nani Rizzi in which you are always welcomed with a friendly smile and a  refreshing glass of Sparkling White wine DOCG. We went towards the direction of Belluno.

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Bona Domenega 

Happy Sunday/Buona Donenica and in Treviso dialect –  Bona Domenega!! 

Any plans for this gorgeous day? 

We are going for a hike in the montello with our two mini poodles. And in the afternoon, I’m not too sure. It’s suppose to be a scorcher today. 


I took this photo of one of my favorites sites in Treviso yesterday morning while I was at the farmers market. 

I love how there is new life surrounded by ancient buildings from thousands of years ago. 

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Exploring Soave

Soave is a medieval village that I’ve noticed numerous times while on the autostrada.. I never had a chance to take a detour but that all changed on Sunday. Continue reading

Photo Contest ~

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently entered one of my favorite photos that I took in 2012 of Valdobbiadine into a contest.

A company called quadro citta organized the contest and are looking for the best photo that represents Valdobbiadine in Treviso, Veneto, Italy.

In order to win, you simply need to have the most likes on your photo.

I don’t usually do this BUT I would LOVE to win…

So, I am asking if you guys would please help me out and VOTE and also share!!!

I think I am most definetly the under dog in this competition.

If you could kindly click on this link and “like” my photo, I would greatly appreciate it.
Valdobbiadine is where the worlds best sparkling white wine comes from!! Prosecco!!

Thank you so much

This is the photo that I've entered into the contest. I took this photo while sipping on a glass of Prosecco. What a view, huh?!

This is the photo that I’ve entered into the contest. I took this photo while sipping on a glass of Prosecco. What a view, huh?!