Wednesday Morning Blooms and Grappa 

Yes, its one of those weeks where I need to see pretty flowers overflowing from old historic buildings and trying different flavors of the finest grappa made from Veneto in Bassano Del Grappa.. Continue reading

The battle of Bassano 

I recently posted the photo down below on my Instagram account. And one of my followers @tania_perin had asked me if those were the infamous bullet holes from the war. Continue reading

Just a few of my favorite things… in Italy.

Coming up on my four year anniversary of living abroad in Italy, I decided to share with you guys some of my favorite things in which I adore in ITALY.

There are many things that I simple love about living in Treviso and each week I will share something with you guys up until June 22nd which is my anniversary of living in this charming country.  Continue reading

Bassano del Grappa ~

Ahh, If you were to ask me what are my top 3 favorite cities in Veneto, I would definitely have to say Bassano del Grappa is surely one of them. 

Bassano is home to Renzo Rossi the founder and President of Diesel, the spirit Grappa which is usually an after dinner drink but lets face it here in Veneto, its quite common to have Grappa in your caffe after lunch and dinner or maybe even just as a shot.
I can’t tell you all enough that its best to visit these lovely, quaint towns in the Winter time when there aren’t as many tourists, its kind of like you have the whole city to yourself. My only advice would be not to go on a Sunday as we did here.. Haha! It was still just as amazingly beautiful with tons of people.. I love to people watch anyhow. Don’t you?
I decided to play “tourist” on a cold day in February. Roberto, my brother in law was my tour guide.
Please enjoy the photos..

The streets were a bit crowded in the beginning

My charming tour guide

My charming tour guide, Roberto, who also happens to be my brother in law 🙂

The main piazza ~  Such a gorgeous day!

The main piazza ~
Such a gorgeous day!

Can you tell the time?

Can you tell the time?

The church of St. John the Baptist built in the 14th Century and restored in the 18th Century

The church of St. John the Baptist built in the 14th Century and restored in the 18th Century


Reflections ~

 Divo Bassano Protectori

Divo Bassano Protectori

I adore this ceramic shop

I adore this ceramic shop

Il bacio ~ The kiss

Il bacio ~ The kiss

Postcard perfect?

Postcard perfect?


Golden hour

Golden hour




My view from the walk back to our car.. breathtaking beautiful.

Can you see why Bassano is one of my favorites? I simple adore this charming city!

Have you ever been to Bassano? Which is your top 3 cities to visit in Veneto?


Bassano Del Grappa

My husband and I both work six days a week so on Sunday we like to have “family” day. We love exploring cities in Veneto or escaping to the Venetian countryside.

Last Sunday, we visited one of my favorite cities, Bassano Del Grappa!! One of the perks of living in Treviso is I’m only a 35 minute drive to the town that’s famously known for inventing grappa. Grappa is made from the left over stems and seeds of the grapes. It’s a rather strong liquor and quite usually Italians have it in their café.














What are your plans for Sunday?

Osteria alla Caneva

We had an amazing lunch at Osteria alla Caneva Sunday afternoon.

Most places, you usually need a reservation for a Sunday afternoon. We didn’t have one. We stumbled across this old, rustic osteria which is a little outside of the heart of Bassano.

First impression – hmm ok, but it’s rather small. I was worried how I was going to fit my Inglesina stroller, diaper bag and mini poodle all inside comfortably. Everything worked out and the owner was incredibly nice. He gave Harley ( mini poodle) a bowl of water. That’s a HUGE point in my book!

How many places in America allow dogs in the restaurant? Let alone give them a bowl of water? None, right?

Osteria alla Caneva serves typical Venetian dishes which I adore!!

Hint – there are no menus. The waiter simply tells you what the Chef offers for the day. So knowing a little Italian helps but if not I’m sure they speak English. Can’t order anything wrong at this place anyhow. The food is simply amazing!


I had fresh fettuccine with tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala and basil. Perfect dish for a hot summer day.

For dessert I had torta di ananas(pineapple).


To finish off my meal, I unlike most Italians had a latte macchiato after. Haha! I laugh when telling you because it’s rather unusual to order such a drink after a lunch.

If you are in Bassano del Grappa, you should definitely stop by for lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed.

Osteria alla caneva is located at
Via Giacomo Matteotti 34
Bassano del Grappa


Forza Italia


Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that Italy is playing tonight at 6pm.

Be sure to watch them if you can.


I took this photo over the weekend in Bassano del Grappa. This was taken along the Ponte (bridge) Alpini. Beautiful to see so many Italian flags and the bridge lined with red geraniums.