Cioccolata Calda

Autumn is here and with Autumn in Italy brings  cioccolata calda (Hot Chocolate)

Have you ever had an Italian hot chocolate? If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it, let me try to explain the best way I know and how good it is and how it warms your soul on those colder mornings..

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Wednesday Morning Blooms and Grappa 

Yes, its one of those weeks where I need to see pretty flowers overflowing from old historic buildings and trying different flavors of the finest grappa made from Veneto in Bassano Del Grappa.. Continue reading

Lago Di Revine 

There are so many great places to see while in Veneto Region. Options are endless. There is definitely something for everyone..

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Autumn In Treviso/Autunno in Treviso

Autumn or Autunno is one of my favorite seasons in Treviso.

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Uva Fragola

Uva fragola from Vittorio’s garden in October.

Uva Fragola which translates to Strawberry grape got its name from the sweet pulp that it produces.

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This is Fall

In Northern Italy – Veneto region

A few photos that I’ve taken over the past 3.5 years that I lived in Northern Italy.

Now, you’ll be able to see why Fall ( Autunno) is my favorite season in Italy.

Took this photo while walking along the Restera, 3 years ago.


Autumn sunsets while visiting the Montello.


These are “fragola” grapes from my neighbors yard.. They didn’t get much sun so they had a late ripening process. Took this photo in the end of October.


I took this photo yesterday, November first while having an evening stroll in Treviso. I love how the light hit the palazzina. Sunsets in November are just magical.


Homemade lasagna. The perfect comfort food for a chilly Autumn day.


The next couple of photos are from my friends in which I’ve had permission to share.

Fruit of the season


The Dolomiti mountains in full color


My beloved Treviso ~



Have you ever seen Italy in the Fall? If you have any photos of your trips to Italy in Autumn, please tag #inspiredinitaly on Instagram. I’d love to see them.



Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..

Autumn has arrived in Northern Italy. The days are shorter, nights are longer, temps have dropped significantly.. Chilly mornings to freezing evenings and as always the produce changes in the farmers market as well as the supermarket.

Out with the summer produce and in with the Autumn crops such as Pumpkins, pomegranate, wild mushrooms, and of course chestnuts.

Tis the season for roasted chestnuts.

Around every piazza throughout Italy you’ll find chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

It’s quite the Italian tradition.

You can also roast or bake them in the comfort and warmth in your own home.

Just remember to make an incision in them all before roasting or else they’ll explode.

And after give or take 15-20 minutes ( depending on how high the heat is) they’ll be finished. Put them in a towel to keep them warm until ready to eat.

It’s best to enjoy roasted chestnuts with a glass of red wine or beer.



Last Sunday night our friend Fabio was prepping and roasting chestnuts for a large group of friends.




Have you ever had roasted chestnuts before?

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