Torta al cioccolato

Whoever loves chocolate needs to absolutely make this torta ( cake).

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Bringing Italy to California 

Hello everyone, 
Its been such a long time since I’ve had the time to sit down and write. 

So much has changed in the past nine months..with only a few days left of 2016, I figured I should let you all in on my new adventure and my new life. 
Nine months ago, I left my beloved Treviso and moved to Northern California. I was afraid to tell my friends that more than likely I wouldn’t be back to Treviso and if I would find myself back in that quaint city it would only be for a visit and not a  forever. Afraid that I’d lose followers and friends that I’ve made in the past six years that I’ve had my blog, Inspired in Italy. Afraid to jump. Afraid to risk it all. 

It is true that once you live in Foreign country for a long time and then go back to your native country you can be highly depressed and lost. I’ve experienced both. Lack of inspiration; how could I write about being inspired when I wasn’t inspired by anything… so I took a break from writing and from Inspired in Italy. 

Fast forward nine months, I’m back and have so many great things to tell you all about. I’ve found a way to bring Italy to California. Authenticity is a BIG word that most Italian places, coffee shops, restaurants in California LACK. 

People here think that the staple of “Italian” is spaghetti and meatballs or fettuccine alfredo, when actually if you’ll someday go to Italy, you’ll never find those two items on any menu. Its a lie. Its not “Italian” its more American. 

The Italian culture is lost here. I’ve found that there are many Italians who’ve migrated to California but as life goes on , year after year people change their views or once you’ve been in a different country for so long you somewhat morph into that culture. It happened to myself while in Italy. I feel more Italian than American, culture wise for sure. 

Ok ok, long story short. I’ve opened a local business here “bringing Italy to California” I’ll continue to write about being inspired in Italy as that’s where my mentality is anyhow. 

I’ve also opened an Authentic Italian catering company with my husband Chef Marco. We hope to inspire and teach people of all ages what the Italian culture and food authentically is. 

I’ll definitely be back to Treviso to visit in 2017. 

“Inspired in Italy, Homemade in California”
Emily Pozzobon 

How Italians buy wine

The majority of Northern Italians buy their wine from local cantina’s in the area. We have about 2 or 3 that we continuously go to to get wine.

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Tisana limone e zenzero

Deborah says “This drink helps me digest and sleep better at night”

In the evening, throughout Veneto, if not Italy it’s usual to have a liquor to help you digest after dinner.. Either with un caffe or alone. In Veneto, it’s normal to have grappa, amaro or an herb infused liquor that is usually made at home. Quite potent, if you ask me.

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”What is better than a slice of homemade Pear cake on a cold and rainy Monday in Treviso?”

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Sunday Morning Blooms



Sunday Morning Blooms for this “Domenica” comes from Torcello Island which is a deserted island located in the Venetian Lagoon. Deserted because there once lived over 30,000 people and now only 12.


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Gorgazzo ~ a hidden treasure

The springs of Gorgazzo are a site to behold.  They have been called, “delizia e tormento di moti pittori,” as they are both a delight and a torment to paint because of their ever-changing colors from the rays of the sun.

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