How Italians buy wine

The majority of Northern Italians buy their wine from local cantina’s in the area. We have about 2 or 3 that we continuously go to to get wine.

As you know,  vino is a very important staple in Italy. In Northern Italy, it is consumed as early as 10 o’clock and drank throughout the day and evening.
You’ll certainly have wine at the table for lunch, in the afternoon and surely for dinner..
Most supermercati ( grocery stores) lack great wine so we choose to go to the little wineries with our 5 liters glass containers and filler up.
My father in law ( suocero) loves when my husband and I bring him over a 5 liter jug for any occasion, after all it will always be drank with great company and great food.  
Why America doesn’t have something like this is beyond me! 

If you would like, you can taste some of the wines before you purchase them and have some fresh baked “pane” while you are it. 



Salami, Sopressa or Cotechino, anyone? 


Let the fun begin!! How cool is this?? 


She’s happy to filler up for you.. 5 LITERS of vino! 


GLERA aka Prosecco for 1.10 a liter??! You do the math 🙂 


If you are in a hurry or need to bring a bottle for a party you’ve got quite the selection and always more affordable and better tasting then that of a supermarket. 

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