Gorgazzo ~ a hidden treasure

The springs of Gorgazzo are a site to behold.  They have been called, “delizia e tormento di moti pittori,” as they are both a delight and a torment to paint because of their ever-changing colors from the rays of the sun.

I found it only fitting to go back to the first place I visited five years ago, so for my six year anniversary of surviving in Italia 🙂 
A hidden treasure nestled in the hills of Northern Italy lies the quaint, charming village of 
“Take the emerald colour, the turquoise and the beryl ones, cast them into a bath of lapis-lazuli, so that everything meets and, at the same time, each of them keeps its own originality and you will get that part of liquid sky named Gorgazzo.”
These words were written by Geographer Giovanni Marinelli in 1877 about the Springs of Gorgazzo.. 

Apparently, I was the only one who didn’t get the memo to wear my “Harley” shirt that day 😉 

From left to right 
Adriana, Roberto, Marco and I ~ Six years ago ~ Not much has changed in Gorgazzo Springs; however, I can happily say so much has changed in the last six years of my new life in Italy ~ 

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