Point Being Giveaway

So, I was in on a major musical project and I co wrote a song called ”Waiting for Miracles” and a couple of the other songs on the album were written while visiting Venice.

Inspired in Italy is of course about finding inspiration in Italy and so I decided to do a giveaway of the ALBUM  Point Being – Time in the moment.

A few of my favorite songs on the album are Angel, Waiting for Miracles, Crossing the line, Time is in control.

Three easy steps to win an autographed album are –

  1. Like Point Being Facebook page.
  2. Like Inspired in Italy Facebook page
  3. Leave me a comment on the blog and I will give you a number.

There will be three winners who will be chosen randomly.

The cd is put together so well. I especially love the lyrics booklet that comes with it. The artwork is also amazing.



point being


Meet LB the lyrical and musical genius behind Point Being. 


point being

Enter for your chance to win 1 of 3 autograph albums. 


Good luck everyone


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