Winter is coming…  

Living in Treviso is the perfect city to enjoy activities year round.. There will always be somewhere to go in all four seasons.. and relatively not a long drive either.

Alleghe is a small Alpine village  located in the province of Belluno in Veneto and is about an hour and a half drive from Treviso.

Perfect place to get away for a day to partake in winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding but if those aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps going for a walk or a hike, just enjoy the crisp Autumn air and be outside and take in the beautiful panorama of the Venetian landscape.

Alleghe’s  primary industry is tourism. Most popular things to do here are mountain climbing and skiing. 


While usually its foggy in Treviso during the Winter, you can be sure in the Mountains, its gorgeous blue crystal clear sky. 

Practice makes perfect… 


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