Alla scoperta di Castlefranco Veneto: passeggiata nella nebbia

Discovering Castlefranco Veneto :

Castlefranco Veneto known to the locals as simply ‘Casteo’ in their local dialect is a quaint city surrounded by a medieval castle and walls that were built by the people of Treviso in 1211.

This is the second time that I ever visited this charming town and the first that I have ever done so while being immersed in fog..

The fog or ‘nebbia’ added a touch of mystery and silence that I actually found comforting. A touch of holiday decor amongst buildings that were built thousands of years ago was simply magical to see, slightly hidden by the fog, it just sort of ‘pops’ out at you.


Brought to life


Evening stroll immersed in fog 


Tis the season


The Duomo di S.Maria Assunta e S.Liberale was built in the 18th Century.


Passeggiata nella nebbia 



Until Christmas you’ll find a mercatino in the vast public garden of Castlefranco. Just a quick walk outside of the city center..


Castlefranco Veneto makes a great half day trip from Treviso. Surely, you can visit this city center in a couple of hours and you can see a few other cities close by such as Asolo which is known as ‘The pearl of Treviso’ and also Cittadella which is another walled city.




2 thoughts on “Alla scoperta di Castlefranco Veneto: passeggiata nella nebbia

  1. All of your photos of Casteo are magical with the fog. I certainly felt as though I was walking along side with you in this beautiful town, and the fog would reveal each treasure as you walked forward.
    I follow your beautiful account on Instagram❤🍷☕🌹

    • Hi Sharon, so nice of you to leave me such a lovely comment. Thank you for all of your support.. Well, so then, when are you coming with me to walk in CastelFranco Veneto… I would love to show you around.

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