Uva Fragola

Uva fragola from Vittorio’s garden in October.

Uva Fragola which translates to Strawberry grape got its name from the sweet pulp that it produces.


Harvest time

It has the sweetest taste and stores well. You can eat them, make wine or a liquor with them, however, it is illegal to sell wine made from uva fragola and has been since 900′ in Italy. So, if you’re lucky, you’ll have an Italian neighbor who has vineyards and vineyards of this sweet grape in his giardino as I do.


How lovely to see the ripening process of the uva fragola

And for those of who have never seen the wonder of the ripening process. I’ve been taking photos of Vittorio’s grapes since 2012 so be sure to check out the link to see how lovely they are.


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