Wild wild horses, we’ll ride them someday 

A week or so ago, I met with a good friend of mine for a coffee.. We often meet from time to time and I always enjoy our time together as he goes on so many interesting adventures.. He has a few championships under his belt for mountain biking. So, in his spare time, he travels around Italy and “practices” for his next race.

He had recently went to Cansiglio, the Northern Italian Prealps which include both Friuli and Veneto Region and include Belluno, Pordenone and Treviso. It is a vast open space mostly covered by woods.. You’ll often find cows and ship grazing the large open space;however, when he went, he found Wild Horses. Such an amazing thing to see. Wild horses in their own habitat, running freely. Free.


Wild wild horses, someday we will ride them.. copyright Inspired in Italy 2015


Autumn is the perfect time to visit Cansiglio.. Watching the trees turning in shades of Fall is a spectacular site. Copyright Inspired in Italy 2015


Cansiglio is covered by forests and woods.. Perfect place to be in the Summer as well to escape the heat from the hot summers.

For more information or how to reach Cansiglio click here.

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