Tuesday Morning Blooms 

I simply adore this particular building in the center of Treviso near the Duomo. All year long you’ll find the windows adorned with a waterfall of flowers. 

Where has the time gone this past weekend.. I had one of those big Italian lunches on Sunday and afterwards in the late afternoon went throughout the rolling hills of the Venetian countryside and by the time I got back home it was nightfall.

I usually post “Sunday Morning Blooms” on Sunday Mornings of course but this past weekend, I just couldn’t find the time between my feisty two year old ( feisty being an understatement) my two mini poodles and that BIG Italian Lunch.

So, I figured why not post this on Tuesday?

Flowers have a way to brighten up my day, my mood, my life, my soul..

Happy Tuesday friends. Hope you all have a great start of the week.

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