Mornings in Treviso 

Last week, I had to meet a friend for un caffè in one of the main Piazzas of the historical center and I will admit after living in this charming and quaint city for over four years, I got lost. I had asked for directions as I was running late and after one or two wrong turns I stumbled upon this beautifully sunlit street.

Theres something quite magical about the mornings in Treviso. I really can’t explain it, so I hope the photos that I took will do all the explaining for you.


One of my favorite colors is yellow.. Loved this home. Frescoes included.

Do you know why the doors in Italy are so big?

Lucky number 13

Phone break for Treviso’s finest 🙂

Old Italian men have style too 🙂

Duomo basking in the sunshine 🙂

I stumbled upon this secret garden while walking along the street. How gorgeous is this? wow!

Laundry day


Do you prefer Treviso by Morning, Day or Night?

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