Buon venerdì 

Happy Friday friends!! 

Any plans for the weekend? 

There’s a lot of events  going on in Treviso this weekend.  
Elvis days is one of the main events along the “mura” ( wall) from today until Sunday. It’s a big American event, celebrating any and everything America. Live rockabilly music, stands, food and of course beer. 

And I learned last night while out to dinner with family and friends that my husband started it over ten years ago. What a humble man as he never told me. Haha! 

I plan to go today or maybe Saturday when all the classic cars will be there. Quite a site to see, 1950’s, 60’s classics in the heart of Treviso. I plan on doing an article on it. 


What are your plans for the weekend? 
Would love to hear. 

5 thoughts on “Buon venerdì 

    • Hi STEVE, Oh thats right, thank you for reminding me 🙂 You know Father’s day here in Italy is celebrated in March! So different, right? Where a bouts does your son live in California? I am from the bay area. 25,000 copies? That’s wonderful! How do I go about getting a copy? Happy Father’s Day to you 🙂 xoxo

      • We already booked to see him …. lives in the Mission Bay / Pacific Beach area … here is the view from the balcony of his condo ….. I can always send you a copy in the mail if you really want one …. private message me on FB and I will make sure you get one (a little late in the year but better late than never) … or just visit the website http://www.UNICOcalendar.org

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