Exploring Soave

Soave is a medieval village that I’ve noticed numerous times while on the autostrada.. I never had a chance to take a detour but that all changed on Sunday.

We were on our way home from visiting Sirmione, a beautiful and enchanting village situated on Garda Lake ( more on Sirmione later) and decided it was the perfect opportunity to explore that 13th century castle that I always saw from the autostrada. And am so happy we did.

We left Garda lake around 915 and arrived in the center of Soave at 10 am. There was a lot of parking spaces which I thought was nice, being its always hard to find parking in most cities throughout Italy. I was also surprised at how empty the city was.. I had thought, the city would be full of tourists as its considered high season now but I saw maybe a handful of them.

We started off by foot to get to the castle but then we decided to take the car. Walking up a steep cobblestone road with a stroller, toddler and two mini poodles in tow wasn’t such a great idea! The short drive to the castle was beautiful. Views of the Italian countryside was just stunning, even on a cloudy day.

The castle of Soave is a beautiful and I was really looking forward to taking some photos from the inside of a 13th century castle looking out; however, it costs 7 euros per person and I figured if I am going to pay that price, I might as well do it when I have more time but having my husband, toddler, dogs and brother and sister in law there was not the right time but hey, thats a great excuse to visit again, right?

While in the car we decided to find a cantina and sip on some of that dry white wine known as Soave.. Well, finding a cantina in the rolling hills shouldn’t be so difficult, right? WRONG!! We had followed the handwritten signs throughout the hills but we ended up in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, there were two older men going for a walk, and when we asked where the Cantina was ( the sign had said in 600 meters , 2 miles ago) they chuckled and said, there is no cantina here.. In fact, you can’t drive your car in this area, you’ll have to turn around and go back down. Long story short, we drove back to the city of Soave to explore the village a bit more.

I think you can visit Soave, in a half a day. Its rather small but charming. The people are very friendly, always happy and willing to help with directions in our case 🙂

Here are some photos that I took on our half day excursion

Doors in Veneto

Earlier I asked on my fb page if you knew why all of the cities in Veneto are adorned with lions some way or another? Well, the answer is because the lion is the symbol of Veneto 🙂

On the way up to The Soave Castle by car.

Santa Maria dei Domenicani Church built in the 14th Century by Dominican Friars.

If you follow my blog, you know I adore three things, Italy, Balconies, and Flowers 🙂

Loved this, an antique wine press turned into a planter for a vine of Soave.

If you’d like to walk up to the castle, this is the path.

I’ve never seen anything like this.. Check out the little wooden windows..

Just to give you an idea on how narrow the streets are in Italy.

You can see the The Castle of Soave at just about any angle from the city to the hills.. Breathtaking!

It is said that this castle is one of the best preserved castles in Italy.

Draw Bridge… Just fascinating.. I wasn’t much into history but after living in Italy for over four years. I love it!

Colorful village


Have you ever been to Soave? Do you enjoy the wine Soave?

Please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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