Local Artisans that I adore ~ Donata Zan

Well, what a whirlwind this past month has been for me and my little family. We have been sick for the past month and finally I got answers to why my son is always so sick with the help of a private doctor, that being said, I wasn’t able to be online much as if any of you who have children know that when they are sick, you don’t have much free time and when they finally sleep,well you are pretty destroyed too. 

Anyhow, I did have a chance to have a tea break with the lovely Donata Zan, owner of Acqua di Vetro.
The lovely Donata Zan :) Captivating beauty!

The lovely Donata Zan 🙂 Captivating beauty!

She will be giving away 3 sets of her newest collection! So, that means three lucky readers will each get a set of handmade jewlwery from murano, Venice Italy. And the great thing is that she is willing to customize the order, if you will be one of the winners you can tell her what colors you like, size, ect..

Click on this link to leave a comment and enter for your chance to win.
Donata also has set up a esty account, so please head over and have a look.. it’s still in the works but she is also taking orders there.
We spent a lovely afternoon at a new tea bar or shop located in the charming and quaint city of Treviso.
So, I asked her a few questions and wanted to share them with all of you.
1. Tell me about yourself ~ 
I was born in Venice in 1981and when I was a child I lived in Murano, the island of the lagoon famous for the glass factories. I graduated in Economics and Management of Art in all of its forms.
When I was a child I liked to draw, color and crop. From here perhaps my passion for creating hand made jewlery was born. I have changed jobs so many times. Today, I am a tour leader for Americans in Venice and throughout Italy. And I am currently studying graphology in Pauda to become a graphologist. In my spare time I love to go for walks, take pictures, gardening, realax with a good book and a cup of tea and obviously I love to create my beloved Jewlwery for you too.
2. What inspires you to create your jewelry?
When I was a child like I said, I lived in Murano and I have always been fascinated by the glass material. I have always liked the idea to create something unique and orginial that people could always bring with them. So one day I had the idea of joining hand blown murano glass with another precious and wonderful material like the silk inspired by Marco Polo. I have united East and West using Murano handblown glass with silk and pearls.
3. Describe your jewelry and your new collection ~
Passion, research and dedication, these are the words that best describe my attitutude towards my newest creations. My jewlwery is made from murano glass which is transparent and inside the glass are pieces of pure silk. These pieces are silk are from scraves, fabrics and clothes in which I find in the old vintage shops around Italy, in the flea markets, in the trunk of my great grandmothers. So each jewel is Unique and Intimitable.
In the newest collection, the pastel colors, floral and retro fancy fabrics with bronze chains and pearls. I think it gives it a romantic and vintage aspect.
Remember click here to enter the contest. You have 3 days left!
IMG_4763 IMG_4760 1005025_10202844764344251_638909625_n

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