Life’s not always beautiful…

I usually write about all the “good” stuff in ITALY but after a day like today, I figured I’d share with all of you what a terrible day I have had and how living in Italy isn’t always as peachy as most people seems to think it is. 

I had a really bad day today. Life’s not always beautiful… 

My mom had sent a package that was taking longer than expected and once it finally arrived 2 weeks later then when it should it was basically empty. 

That has never happened to me in the four years that I’ve been here. 

First time for everything, right? 

You all should have saw the look on my almost 21 mos old sons face of sadness as he knows when a box comes it’s from Grandma in California and it’s usually filled with books, clothes and toys as it was when she sent it off but somewhere between CALIFORNIA and ITALY someone thought it was a great idea to open the box and take out everything. 

As I watched Luca dance around with excitement as I opened the box my heart went into my stomach. Non ci credo, non ci credo ( I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it) I repeated over and over again both in English and Italian. 

Unfortunately, this kinda stuff happens all the time and it was my turn. But I do hope that whoever decided it was a great idea to steal from a 21 month old boy will read this lovely post and feel sorry and regret doing it but probably not and I do hope karma will bite them in the ass.  

I’m full of emotions. I went from angry, to frustrated to heartbroken to sad to hating life in ITALY. 

And to be honest I’m still angry and sad. 

But I just need to let it go as there’s nothing I can do about it… 

Luca James excited about getting a package from Grandma 8000 miles away..

surprise surprise the criminal didnt want any brown sugar…

something doesnt add up here, miami to milan and then back to miami??

Have any of you ever lost a package? If so what did you do? File a report? 



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